my fall look today is winged eyeliner, plum lipstick, and a look on my face like i’m fucking your boyfriend and can’t wait for you to find out.

My fall look is simple liner with bold lashes, burgundy lipstick, a gleam in my  eyes that let’s men know that I’ll suck their dick, their money out of their bank accounts, and the souls right out of their bodies.

this is my favorite post on tumblr currently

straight girl feminism is so weird…

is really wish i knew whats so awesome about fucking someone’s else bf like? up there with the obsession with fucking someone’s dad… like ok

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Anonymous asked: How is ''female queerness constantly undermined and invalidated by men''


”she’s just experimenting” ”it’s a phase” ”she’s confused” ”can I watch?” ”can I join?” ”you’re a lesbian? that’s hot” *continues to hit on you*  ”you’re bi? wanna threesome?” ”lesbian sex doesn’t count” ”girls only do it for boys attention” ”she just needs to find the right man” ”I can change your mind” ”if you use dildos that means you really just want dick”

Ugh I kinda want to just invite him over to just sleep in my bed but I know he won’t do that so


72 Degrees in the shade.

The Animated Self Portrait 

T.S Abe

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Nautical fashion, c. early 1940s. (♥)

Abandoned Victorian Style Greenhouse, Villa Maria, in northern Italy near Lake Como. Photo taken in 1985 by Friedhelm Thomas

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this is your daily reminder to not forget about ferguson. Keep it going!

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boys= nasty and dress bad

me= somehow still likes boys and is disappointed in myself and thinks i should do better

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Pinkified autumn + winter : 1 2 3 - 4 5 6 - 7 8 9 

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